Moving Week

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Moving out of one building to another brings out a lot of old memories and dust from that old crammed space we once called home. The Huddle was home to Road Finch a year prior to my interview with Founder, Pedro Avila. I started with Road Finch in January of 2016 and made connections in the local community this year. Huddle was home to many entrepreneurs before they relocated to the Belding building this past October. For the members at Road Finch, the physical act of moving isn’t the hard part because our small start up didn’t have much other than bicycles, plywood and cinder blocks. The hard part for the team is moving forward from Huddle. The co-working space was an awesome place of collaboration and social connection. Huddle is still a major part of the downtown area and we are still excited to be a part of that journey. However, people never forget how and where they started, i.e., the backyard of a house with just $300 in the back pocket building a bike trailer. Those memories, good or bad, define who we are and how we approach the next challenges we face as a start up company. The team is a talented group of individuals that excel in their own unique skill sets and the new building will create new memories. The road ahead is unknown for us, but Road Finch continues to spread its wings each day in San Joaquin Valley.

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