Donuts and Bagels

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Team building is an important aspect in any company or organization you join the first week on the job. The feeling out process with co-workers and managers is hectic at first, but in time you figure out how these relationships work. At Road Finch, my co-workers were in and out of the office on a weekly basis, so I didn’t meet the team right away. The first week we had a meeting to smooth that process out and as I started to get to know each person, I took extra time to learn about his or her role with the company. I believe in the philosophy that if our internal communication and relations are good, the external relations and communication will be great.

The skills and tools each person can share are valuable learning experiences that strengthen the bonds between us. The morale is good and coming to the office is never a dull moment at Road Finch. You might be wondering why the title of this is called Donuts and Bagels. I took a walk to visit my colleagues at Huddle down the block one day. During my visit I discovered bagels in the break room of Huddle and thought about calling the office to find out if anyone wanted one.

My conversation with my co-worker, Katie, was an interesting one about bagels and donuts. She said that the thought of a bagel made her sad and if they had donuts it would make her feel better. Donuts were exciting and created happy thoughts in her mind with colors and sprinkles. Unfortunately I had no donuts to share with her, but we had donuts the next morning at our office. The story here is that it doesn’t matter what type of food you are eating, it is who you are eating that snack with and how those funny little conversations help build positive relationships with your teammates.

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