Growing Pains

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Every step is a new adventure and every avenue a new path. The initial stop at Road Finch landed me inside the Huddle co-working space in the downtown Stockton area. Several challenges awaited during our stay at Huddle and watching growth within the company has been rewarding with each success. During our move, we found old sketches, drafts, flyers and items that created the initial groundwork for the company. The current brochures are in a very different place when I looked through it months prior to meeting the Road Finch team. I ventured out to old contacts and showed materials around to contacts in the area for feedback.

Gathering feedback is critical in community management when you are preparing material for the public eye. It felt like each day I’m flying by the seat of my pants, each day with the start up company. The challenge was unique without being under the guidance of an experienced veteran. Similar to a video game, I was new to how the operation and business model worked, but quickly learned on my feet to advanced to the next stage in the game. Every trip, encounter, handshake and meeting prepares you for these moments when you step out onto the business field.

We are still learning and growing in each step toward a better tomorrow. It all started with a peep from a finch in the backyard of a house in California. Then someone gave it a name and branched out onto another avenue of change. They told us it would be difficult, but were interested in the idea. The passion of one individual sparked a revolution and the co-working place that fostered relationships and ideas is a step in the journey that we will always remember.

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