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I’ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside, oh yeah

Every meeting this week had positive interactions with individuals that encouraged collaboration within our community. I once heard from an outside source that people often overthink what is wrong in the city we reside in. Instead of thinking or viewing media outlets that perceive issues in a city, the individual I spoke with said to look at the people. If the people in a city aren’t working together, how do you expect a city to flourish? The foundations in the city are created, but it’s the people that have to come together to make it better.

Every interaction this week resonates with building better relationships with the individuals in our community. Great things are around the corner, but a collaborative effort is something people often yearn for in the area. When I hear about a new project or group coming together, someone out there is inspired, someone is encouraged, and someone takes another step forward. The feeling of being welcomed into a community group by my fellow humans, creates a warm feeling of camaraderie between the people I interact with almost everyday. We all want to be a part of something great and I learned that through every meeting by talking face to face with these incredible human beings.

Their ideas inspire me to become better and to encourage others that I can use my gift to better one another and benefit our community. Telling a story, whether in person or on paper, is the oldest form of communication. Tribes used to tell stories of beasts and heroes that could conquer territories or protect the people. Those audible stories would then transmit to paper and each culture would document them, hidden away until someone discovered them centuries later. How will we collaborate with our fellow humans? How can we better each other and make the city feel alive again? How will I tell the next story when the pen touches paper?

I’ve got a feeling about next year and I hope everyone in the community can take that journey together, encourage one another, and make it a good year.

Everybody had a hard year

Everybody had a good time

Everybody had a wet dream

Everybody saw the sunshine

Everybody had a good year

Everybody let their hair down

Everybody pulled their socks up

Everybody put their foot down

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