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The final days in the office are quiet and sometimes cold. The last week in December is a good time to reflect on past successes and clean up those files on the computer that clutter up the desktop. I’ve slowly become better at organizing documents this year and managing follow up appointments for the next year. Without anyone managing your position, it is difficult to continue to motivate yourself to keep the small tasks up to date. Notes are tossed in the garbage, paperwork is filed away, and my Shyguy figure gets to come back home for a few extra New Year days before I head back to the office in January. My cinderblock desk has become quiet popular lately and I seem to find added features overtime I come into work. A tissue here, zip ties there and of course Katie forgot her library card on my desk once again!

I still can’t believe how many documents and notes I did for the company this year. My scattered files are still being shuffled into their appropriate folders on the laptop. Old photos of the team at Huddle and videos of the small space we occupied are constant reminders of far we have come at the end of the year. Looking back at all the written documents, I’m impressed with the work we put into creating new materials and updating older designs. I am not an art major anymore, but I still find that I need to research design methods to help push our marketing materials to the public. Feedback is critical in order to adjust and update these promotional items that land into the hands of potential clients.

The formula is still the same, but you just have to update it with the times. I am reminded of the hip hop group Gang Starr and an interview they had years ago discussing one of their next albums. GURU talked about updating their formulas, elevating their style beats and rhymes, but it would always be GURU and DJ Premier. That philosophy is something I believe carries on with the brand of the company. Road Finch will continue to adapt and grow with the times, but the philosophy will always be the same with a mobile, outdoor grassroots style of advertising that includes human interaction. Every conversation with someone suggests our unique approach to outdoor marketing and its on the street level speaking to potential customers. These conversations in the community continue to motivate the team to make adjustments as we ride along into the new year. The exposure and improvements to the start up company this year built momentum in Stockton and Sacramento.

As the next year approaches I hope all of my Road Finch family members are prepared for the journey ahead. The small group of misfits will always have my gratitude and respect. I know despite all the struggles and obstacles we face, we stand together until the end. See you space cowboys and cowgirls.

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